Dyson DC35Make sure you read every word in this Dyson review before you even think about buying this vacuum.

You’ve probably heard about this cordless vacuum from a friend or maybe you’ve seen their hyped up infomercial. We all know the awesome reputation of the Dyson vacuums when it comes to their quality but is the Dyson DC35 going to be worth it.

We’re going to discuss some of the major points about this cordless vacuum to help you decide if this is going to be an ideal fit for your needs.

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Suction Power

The Dyson DC35 uses the Root Cyclone Technology which is a very powerful centrifugal force that spins dust and dirt out of the air and into the dust bin without any loss of suction. The Dyson digital motor will give you a very efficient cleaning power and it’s 3 times faster than regular motors.

The suction power together with the motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brush is great for picking up fine dirt from carpets, bare floors and heavy messes from your tables. Of course this also works great if you want some quick cleanup for your carpeted stairs. This is also great for pet owners as it does an amazing job in picking up pet hair and litter. You can read a lot of different testimonials from pet owners over at Amazon.com.

Many people felt that the Dyson DC35 is very close when it comes to matching the power of a full upright vacuum when used in quick bursts at a moment’s notice. However, do not attempt to use this vacuum as your main vacuum for your big cleaning day because you might be disappointed.

Dyson DC35 Trigger

The concept behind the trigger function of the Dyson DC35 is very smart when you really think about it. The trigger will actually force you to turn this powerful cordless vacuum off. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn this unit off when you try to move around furniture, answer a phone or move on to the next room. You get to maximize the power of this vacuum down to the last volt when you have a trigger.


The design of the Dyson DC35 makes it possible for this vacuum to go almost anywhere. It only weighs at almost 5 pounds and the cleaner head has a swivel feature for easy steering. The aluminum wand easily turns this unit from a handheld to a stick vacuum which is beneficial for cleaning your ceilings and other areas without needing to bend down.

Battery Life

The Dyson DC35 has a 22 volt lithium ion battery that will not fade and it recharges (3-hour recharge time) up to 3 times faster than others. You also have the dual power mode – the standard mode will get you 15 minutes (consistent charge) of regular cleaning (13 minutes using the motorized floor attachment) and the MAX mode (found at the back and turns green) will give you 6 minutes for more challenging tasks. There will be an indicator light that will give you a 1-minute warning before the battery runs out.

Noise Level

When you switch the Dyson DC35 in MAX mode, it sounds like a low-voltage power drill. In regular mode, it’s fairly silent according to consumers.

Ease of Emptying

Cleaning the Dyson DC35 is really easy as you only flick a button and the base will pop open without the airborne dust explosion. The dust container is transparent and you can easily see the dirt that you’ve collected. The filter is not made up of some fragile material that needs frequent replacing. It’s durable and you can easily wash it.

Docking Station

There is a charging station that you can mount to your wall which is a nice touch if you want to lessen some clutter in your floor. But make sure you make some initial planning before mounting it because the length of the power cord is not that long (less than 5 feet). There’s also a battery charger if you want to charge the battery separately. The battery charger will stop charging when your battery is already full. This is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about shortening your battery’s life by overcharging. You can also hang in the other attachments (upholstery and crevice) in this wall mount.

Consumer Concerns About Dyson DC35

The most prominent concern that people have with the Dyson DC35 is the trigger. Some people don’t like having to squeeze the trigger all the time because it strains their hands. But the way the trigger is set up will ensure that you’re not wasting the battery power and in most situations many people are definitely happy and satisfied with its trigger.

Of course another minor issue is the expensive price but a lot of people eventually felt that it was all worth the investment after using and experiencing the Dyson DC35. If you treat this cordless vacuum for what it’s designed for then you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Check out this video (over 6 minutes) to see the Dyson DC35 in action:



  • Cordless – easy to move around
  • Detachable wand – much more flexible than an upright vacuum
  • Solidly built and almost as good as a big Dyson
  • 13-15 minutes of non-stop suction
  • Ease of emptying
  • Removable battery which can easily be replaced
  • Easily clean hard to reach places
  • Works effectively on both hard surfaces and carpets


  • Too expensive but definitely worth every penny
  • Some people find it hard to squeeze the trigger all the time
  • May not replace your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner

Where to Order Your Dyson DC35

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Like most unsung heroes, the Dyson Vacuum toils relentlessly and fervently for us all. But as all good things need love and care to go on, a Dyson vacuum, like the Dyson DC35, is no exception to this rule. Given below are some suggestions that one can use as helpful Dyson vacuum maintenance tips for the machines long life and enhanced performance in the household or work area.

For periodic cleaning of your Dyson vacuum, one would require a cleaning mixture of warm water with a mild detergent in it along with a clean cloth. Before starting the cleaning process one must ensure that the plug is unplugged from the electrical socket.

The external body should be wiped clean with the cloth dampened in the cleaning mixture. Next come the various attachments which have been provided with the vacuum cleaner i.e. the brush tool, stair tool, crevice tool, extension wand, hose, floor tool, mini turbo tool and mini turbine head – they should be washed thoroughly with the mild detergent and nicely cleaned with the soft cloth and left to dry off.

The dust bin should be taken out from the vacuum by pressing the bin release catch button. Then the covering should be whacked clean to remove dust, dirt and fluff from it. After that the clear bin should be nicely washed with warm water and dried with the clean cloth before reconnecting the covering and fitting it back into the vacuum cleaner.

The most important part of the vacuum cleaner is the filter apparatus. One can easily press the filter release catch to take out the filter from the vacuum cleaner’s head. The filter should be taken out of its protective covering and washed thoroughly in warm water. The filter’s protective housing which is normally yellow in color should also be dexterously washed in running tap water preferably warm to enable quick cleaning and dislodging of dust particles retained in it. Utmost care should be taken while cleaning the filter because rough handling while washing it might damage the filter or its yellow cage. Both the filter and its protective housing should be kept to dry, preferably for a day, so that no moisture may be retained in them. Thereafter it can be replaced back into the vacuum cleaner.

The power cable is the part which sees the most wear and tear during the usage of the vacuum cleaner. It is constantly being dragged over a variety of surfaces with different exterior finishes that cause the cable to be rubbed and bruised over a span of time. Furthermore the process of winding and unwinding of the power cable adds to the rigors of daily handling that it goes through. Timely inspection and replacement if required of the power cable will enable tension free utilization of the vacuum cleaner.

The most common reason for the vacuum cleaner’s reduction in suction operations is due to the congestion of the floor and brush tools. Due to their contact with surfaces which are being cleaned, they tend to attach a lot of hair, threads, plastic or paper particles in them. A prompt check to remove blockages solves the problem effectively.

Another region which needs care and maintenance is the spindle area in the brush/roller mechanism of the vacuum cleaner. This part normally attracts a lot of hair around it and tends to give off a strong burning smell. The brush mechanism can be easily opened and the obstruction removed to enable error free operation of the Dyson vacuum cleaner.

One can happily look forward to using the vacuum cleaner with these awesome tips for keeping your Dyson vacuum at an optimal level. If you’re looking for some information on their cordless vacuum, then try checking out the Dyson DC35 review.

Are you planning on buying a vacuum cleaner to help keep your house spic and span? You might be planning on just walking into a mall and picking up the first vacuum cleaner that you set your eyes first on. A word of caution, when you do set foot into an electronics mall, the number of models and brands set in display, is going to make you ponder on which to settle with.

There are more than a handful of models and brands available in the market and newer models with better technologies being rolled out every day. So why not plan what you want to buy, based on your need and a few pointers, and be satisfied with a good buy that will give you years of service.

What are the basic key points to choosing a vacuum cleaner?

Choose a vacuum cleaner based on the floor type. If you have carpeted your house then an upright cleaner would be the best choice as it covers more area, however if you have a hard flooring like tiles, you may want to opt for the canister type. Also consider the weight and size of the cleaner with respect to the size of your house. You may find it difficult to maneuver a bigger cleaner in a smaller house. A smaller house will need a more compact design like the Dyson DC35.

It is important to check the wattage as a higher wattage has a more powerful motor. Take a peek at the air watts as it is a good measure of suction power. All specifications should comply with European test standards. The wattage should suit your needs so that you do not end up adding another monstrous power consuming appliance to your household.

While choosing a vacuum you may want to check the capacity of the bag, or you may end up having to stall your cleaning ever so often to empty the dirt bag. While bags hold the dirt together and need to be emptied when full, there are vacuum cleaners without bags that do save money on new bags, but can be a pain to clean.

Latest technologies have made it possible to incorporate HEPA or micron filters in vacuum cleaners. Micron filters are found on most vacuum cleaners in the market. HEPA filters help in trapping allergy causing particles like pollen and other pollutants. This would be a wise choice for those suffering from allergies, and asthma as these filters provide the highest possible air filtration.

A wet cleaner helps wash all surfaces but can be difficult to store and lug around. Check for the length of the chord to reach out to all corners and wheels on your cleaner that will make it easier to move around. Check if the attachments provided suit your needs.

Research on the available models and brands in the market and keep a few choices in mind before you go shopping. It also helps to set a budget and to try not to get carried away by the sweet words of salespersons.

Happy shopping and cheers to a cleaner household! Check out the Dyson DC35 review if you’re on the lookout for a powerful cordless vacuum.

When consumers talk about bagless vacuum cleaners that are of high quality, there’s definitely going to be a mention about the Dyson vacuum cleaner. They really have a good reputation but they are also very expensive. They have proven that their vacuum technology can maintain full suction without the use of bags and their filter will have no clogging problems. But there’s still the question… are Dyson vacuum cleaners really that good?

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages:

First and obvious advantage of the Dyson vacuum cleaner is the powerful suction technology. The suction power remains consistent even as it gathers a lot of dirt in the dust compartment. The people over at Dyson has spent a tremendous amount of time and money in developing their cyclonic vacuum design. Basically this will allow air to bring the dirt into the vacuum and empty it when it reaches the dust storage without the use of bags.

The Dyson vacuum is also going to be a good solution for people with allergies. It is designed with a HEPA filter which removes almost 100% of the mold and other contaminated particles.

You can also find many uses for the Dyson vacuum. If you have hardwood floors, carpets, tiles, etc. then you’re going to have an easy time in cleaning them with using a Dyson vacuum. Additionally the attachments are going to be helpful when it comes to cleaning upholstery. There are also tools that will help clean those hard to reach areas of your house.

Another obvious benefit that many people are experiencing is the savings from buying filter bags since Dyson is bagless.

If you go over at Amazon and browse the many Dyson reviews, you’re going to quickly see that there are many satisfied consumers and you can get a warranty on top of all that.

But like many other products, Dyson has a disadvantage and that is the expensive price tag. The Dyson vacuum cleaners are much more pricey when you compare it to the vacuum cleaners that has bags.

There are also some people who are not that happy with the aesthetics of the Dyson but this is only a personal matter. Many people obviously bought the Dyson vacuum for its use and not so much for how it looks.

There were also some reports that the Dyson vacuum is sometimes a bit challenging when you empty out the dust bin. But upon careful inspection, this issue will surface when consumers don’t read the instructions more carefully.

The main thing that you have to understand with this amazing vacuum technology is that it comes with a very steep price tag. If you have some money to invest and if you know the value (return of investment) that you can get from a Dyson vacuum cleaner then it would be a no brainer to purchase one.