Are you planning on buying a vacuum cleaner to help keep your house spic and span? You might be planning on just walking into a mall and picking up the first Dyson vacuum cleaner that you set your eyes first on. A word of caution, when you do set foot into an electronics mall, the number of models and brands set in display, is going to make you ponder on which to settle with.

There are more than a handful of models and brands available in the market and newer models with better technologies being rolled out every day. So why not plan what you want to buy, based on your need and a few pointers, and be satisfied with a good buy that will give you years of service.

What are the basic key points to choosing a vacuum cleaner?

Choose a vacuum cleaner based on the floor type. If you have carpeted your house then an upright cleaner would be the best choice as it covers more area, however if you have a hard flooring like tiles, you may want to opt for the canister type. Also consider the weight and size of the cleaner with respect to the size of your house. You may find it difficult to maneuver a bigger cleaner in a smaller house. A smaller house will need a more compact design like the Dyson DC35.

It is important to check the wattage as a higher wattage has a more powerful motor. Take a peek at the air watts as it is a good measure of suction power. All specifications should comply with European test standards. The wattage should suit your needs so that you do not end up adding another monstrous power consuming appliance to your household.

While choosing a vacuum you may want to check the capacity of the bag, or you may end up having to stall your cleaning ever so often to empty the dirt bag. While bags hold the dirt together and need to be emptied when full, there are vacuum cleaners without bags that do save money on new bags, but can be a pain to clean.

Latest technologies have made it possible to incorporate HEPA or micron filters in vacuum cleaners. Micron filters are found on most vacuum cleaners in the market. HEPA filters help in trapping allergy causing particles like pollen and other pollutants. This would be a wise choice for those suffering from allergies, and asthma as these filters provide the highest possible air filtration.

A wet cleaner helps wash all surfaces but can be difficult to store and lug around. Check for the length of the chord to reach out to all corners and wheels on your cleaner that will make it easier to move around. Check if the attachments provided suit your needs.

Research on the available models and brands in the market and keep a few choices in mind before you go shopping. It also helps to set a budget and to try not to get carried away by the sweet words of salespersons.

Happy shopping and cheers to a cleaner household!

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