When you purchase your Dyson DC35, best price considerations should include the cost of shipping. Often, the price of shipping can put the cost of the vacuum out of your budget and out of reach.

There are many ways to save on the overall cost of your vacuum and figuring out which retailer is offering the best price can involve some quick math. As an example, if you are being offered a price of  $270, but the shipping is $30 or more, you’re not really getting the vacuum cheaper than if you bought it for $280 and paid nothing for shipping. Often some retailers will drop the price below what other retailers are typically charging and then get you with the shipping.  A little investigation will usually reveal these subtle markups.

Another way to get the best price is to look for coupon codes for the merchant you’re buying from. A simple search with the retailer’s name and the term “coupon code” will often reveal codes that will give you a reduction in cost.  Sometimes you can a get a coupon code combined with free shipping to give you maximum savings on your Dyson DC35. Often, the coupon code will specify a discount on 3 or more items, this is where you can take advantage of the offer by buying the vacuum, extra HEPA filters, or adding any other products you’ve been meaning to buy.  Many of these coupons don’t specify cost, so you can buy some other smaller items you’ve needed to get the discount on the more expensive vacuum.  There are many coupons that give you discounts on purchases over certain dollar amounts and the Dyson DC35 usually qualifies.

By doing a little investigation beforehand, you can usually get the cost of the vacuum at a considerably reduced rate. There are all kinds of sales and promotions going on that are often not openly advertised. A little cyber sleuthing will usually return a large selection of deals and discounts that can be applied at checkout. Before you hit the submit button when buying your Dyson, open another browser session and do a quick search. Once you find a suitable coupon code, enter it in the appropriate box at checkout and verify that the discount has been applied.

Now that you’ve decided that you want a Dyson, spending a little extra time will bring you the most savings. When it comes to the Dyson DC35, best price can actually be a lot less than you expected.

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