Before you think about buying the Dyson DC35 Digital Slim make sure that you read this review first.

You’ve probably heard about this cordless vacuum from a friend or maybe you’ve seen their hyped up infomercial. We all know the awesome reputation of the Dyson vacuums when it comes to their quality but is the Dyson DC35 going to be worth it.

We’re going to discuss some of the major points about this cordless vacuum to help you decide if this is going to be an ideal fit for your needs.

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Suction Power

The Dyson DC35 uses the Root Cyclone Technology which is a very powerful centrifugal force that spins dust and dirt out of the air and into the dust bin without any loss of suction. The Dyson digital motor will give you a very efficient cleaning power and it’s 3 times faster than regular motors.

The suction power together with the motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brush is great for picking up fine dirt from carpets, bare floors and heavy messes from your tables. Of course this also works great if you want some quick cleanup for your carpeted stairs. This is also great for pet owners as it does an amazing job in picking up pet hair and some litter.


The concept behind the trigger function of the Dyson DC35 is very smart when you really think about it. The trigger will actually force you to turn this powerful cordless vacuum off. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn this unit off when you try to move around furniture, answer a phone or move on to the next room. You get to maximize the power of this vacuum down to the last volt when you have a trigger.


The design of the Dyson DC35 makes it possible for this vacuum to go almost anywhere. It only weighs at almost 5 pounds and the cleaner head has a swivel feature for easy steering. The aluminum wand easily turns this unit from a handheld to a stick vacuum which is beneficial for cleaning your ceilings and other areas without needing to bend down.

Battery Life

This unit has a 22 volt lithium ion battery that will not fade and it recharges (3-hour recharge time) up to 3 times faster than others. You also have the dual power mode – the standard mode will get you 15 minutes (consistent charge) of regular cleaning (13 minutes using the motorized floor attachment) and the MAX mode (found at the back and turns green) will give you 6 minutes for more challenging tasks. There will be an indicator light that will give you a 1-minute warning before the battery runs out.

Ease of Emptying

Cleaning the Dyson DC35 is really easy as you only flick a button and the base will pop open without the airborne dust explosion. The filter is not made up of some fragile material that needs frequent replacing. It’s durable and you can easily wash it.

Docking Station

There is a charging station that you can mount on your wall. You can also hang in the other attachments (upholstery and crevice) in this wall mount.

Any Complaints?

The complaint that we’ve found for the Dyson DC35 is the trigger. Some people don’t like having to squeeze the trigger all the time because it strains their hands. But the way the trigger is set up will ensure that you’re not wasting the battery power. Of course another complaint is the expensive price but a lot of people eventually felt that it was all worth the investment after using and experiencing the Dyson DC35. If you treat this cordless vacuum for what it’s designed for then you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Check out this video (over 6 minutes) to see the Dyson DC35 in action:



  • Cordless – easy to move around
  • Detachable wand – much more flexible than an upright vacuum
  • Solidly built and almost as good as a big Dyson
  • 13-15 minutes of non-stop suction
  • Ease of emptying
  • Removable battery which can easily be replaced
  • Easily clean hard to reach places
  • Works effectively on both hard surfaces and carpets


  • Too expensive but definitely worth every penny
  • Some people find it hard to squeeze the trigger all the time
  • May not replace your heavy-duty vacuum cleaner

Where to Find the Lowest Price?

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